Xcom Global to begin renting out Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets alongside hotspot service

Traveling to foreign countries can be tricky sometimes depending on how you get your wireless service. Luckily, there are always services in place to help travelers stay connected to all of information they need. You can almost always have access to some sort of international data service to replace you personal wireless plan to avoid roaming charges. Now, Xcom Global is about to make everything much easier.

The company has been offering hotspot deals to travelers for some time now. However, now they are offering customers the option of renting a tablet to go along with the hotspot service. This will serve travelers well if they simply want to pack light or if they don’t have a tablet and don’t wish to bring their bulky laptop everywhere they go.

Priced at $2 or $3 per day, users can grab either the Nexus 7 or the Nexus 10 bundled with a WiFi hotspot. This is actually a pretty great deal and could actually be very practical for a wide variety of travelers. As the Nexus 10 isn’t available yet, Xcom Global has discounted the tablet rates down to $1 and $2.

While we suspect that there will be other fees to go along with this service, there is no reason why the price should get to be unreasonable.

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