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WordPress today announced the ability to embed Instagram images directly into blog posts, much like it already provides for Flickr galleries and YouTube videos. The new feature is available today, so you can start “instabedding” right now.

Here’s how it works. All you have to do is copy the Instagram image URL from your browser’s address bar, paste it while you are editing a post or page (on its own line), and hit Publish or Update.

Instagram gives the following example. Let’s say you want to embed this image. Just grab “” and paste it into a WordPress post like this:

url on own line 520x211 now lets you embed Instagram images directly into your blog posts

The feature automatically embeds the largest size of the image that fits into the content area, but you can modify the width like so: “[instagram url= width=275]” without the quotes. Here’s what a full-size image looks like (if you click the image, it will take you to the URL on the original Instagram page, for the full-size version):

large image 520x408 now lets you embed Instagram images directly into your blog posts

Here at GadgetNuz, we use WordPress ourselves. Unfortunately, this is only for and not, so we won’t be able to use it until we hear otherwise. In fact, we have contacted WordPress to find out if this feature is coming to soon. If there’s an Instagram image that ends up being newsworthy, we would love to use embeds much like we already do for tweets (although that’s a Twitter feature).

Maybe Instagram should think about letting users embed Instagram images anywhere? If the service ever gets around to launching a full-blown Web site for desktop, and we think it will, then that will likely be on its to-do list.

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