Vizio unveils 2013 HDTV lineup, upcoming XVT Ultra HDTVs promise 4K for the mainstream

Just as we expected, 4K TVs are all the rage here at CES 2013 and naturally Vizio won’t be left out. Among its 2013 lineup of LCD HDTVs is a new top of the line XVT-Series of Ultra HDTVs at 55-, 65- and 70-inches. The XVT551d, 651d and 701D don’t have much in the way of prices or release dates, but the company claims it will “bring the expensive new technology to mainstream consumers.” In the more accessible realm however are its M-Series displays, which will for the first time this year offer a universal backlit remote connected by WiFi Direct. Thanks to its connected remote, Vizio claims it will be able to control the entire home theater without the usual nagging setup process.

There are two M-Series lineups, the one with Theater 3D ranges in size from 50-inches to 80-inches, and in price from $849 to $4,499, while the models without max out at 47-inches and $699. Check below for a press release with all of the prices and specs plus a shot of that remote, although all we know about a release is that they’ll be arriving “later this year.”

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