Unlock iOS 6 Maps on older iOS devices

Apple maps were one of the most talked about changes that Apple was making in the iOS 6 and it was a big change as ditching Google maps meant a lot of changes for Apple users. So far, Apple users have not grown fond of the new maps and they still prefer Google maps. However, not all the features of the new maps are available for all the iOS 6 running devices.

iOS developer Ryan Petrich has talked about making Google Maps available to the iOS 6. However, till the time arrives, he has released a minor tweak that unlocks all the hidden features of the Maps app for iPhone 4, 3GS and the 4th generation iPod touch. Apple have their reasons to disable the said features since they require a lot of processing power and would cause the mentioned devices to slow down.

This tweak is available on Cydia and is named Unlock iOS 6 maps. People running older devices will now be able to access 3D maps and turn by turn navigation. Just keep in mind your device may perform slowly during these features as they have processor intensive.

This is the official description of the tweak:

“Enable 3D and Navigation features on all devices in iOS 6.0’s new Maps app.
May reduce performance.
There are no options to configure.
To disable this tweak, uninstall it.”

Unlock iOS 6 maps is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the BigBoss Repository. It will require a jailbroken device with iOS 6 installed. There is a complete step by step guide for jailbreaking iOS 6 although that is a tethered jailbreak and works on A4 base devices like the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G. Will you try it out? Let us know!

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