Tim Cook compares Microsoft Surface to a ‘flying car’

The Apple CEO didn’t have kind words for Microsoft’s Surface.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking on the company’s fourth-quarter earnings conference call, didn’t hesitate to take some shots at Microsoft’s new Surface.

It’s a “fairly compromised, confusing product,” said Cook, who added he hasn’t used one yet. “One of the toughest things you do with what product to make is to make hard trade-offs and decide what a product should be, and we’ve really done that with the iPad, so the user experience is incredible. I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well.”

Given those comments, Cook not surprisingly said that consumers will chose iPads over competing tablets. “That’s what they’ve done today, and I think they’ll continue to do that.

Cook said he sees a big opportunity with tablets based on the size of the PC market, saying that iPads will be will be “extremely attractive to people in lieu of PCs.” Cook added that he’s “very confident with what we have in the pipeline.”

Apple sold more than 14 million iPads in the latest quarter, although that was shy of Wall Street estimates.

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