The creepiest Twitter follower ever?

As part of its ad campaign, pizza chain Mellow Mushroom literally followed — that’s stalked, to you and me — some of its newest Twitter followers.

A screenshot from a Mellow Mushroom ad in which the pizza chain’s mascots literally followed someone who had recently followed the company’s Twitter account.

As anyone who uses Twitter knows, part of interacting with the service is following other people, or having them follow you. And that’s fine when it’s entirely digital.

But in a new ad campaign, the pizza chain Mellow Mushroom appears to have taken the concept of following its customers to the full creepy, stalkeresque conclusion.


According to Creativity Online, Mellow Mushroom recently began following — literally — some of its newest Twitter friends. It seems that when about 20 people began following the company’s Twitter account, Mellow Mushroom wasn’t content to simply reciprocate. Instead, it sent pizza-bearing mascots out into the world to, yes, follow the unsuspecting folks. And filmed the whole thing with hidden cameras.

If you watch the video, there’s no sense that anyone got too upset about it, and pizza was eaten at the end of it all. But if it had been me, I think I would have called the police, and possibly considered knee-capping the bizarre yellow-suited weirdo tracking my every step down the street.

Then again, who doesn’t like free pizza?

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