Tactilize Raises $1M For Its Self-Publishing iPad App

Tactilize raises $1 million+ for its self-publishing iPad app, from all over the globe.

Startup Tactilize, which was founded in Paris, France but relocated its HQ to San Francisco, has secured $1 million for its self-publishing service for Apple’s iPad and iPad mini tablets.

Tactilize decided not to disclose the names of its investors, saying only that they hail from Switzerland, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and France.

The company says it has attracted some 3,000 users after launching its beta version last month, enabling them to easily and rapidly create, share and sell their own interactive content for iPad, featuring proprietary text and media such as photos and videos.

The app is free and available globally (link below).

Tactilize CEO Nicolas Voisin says additional funding will be secured in the next few days, which will bring the size of the round to $1.28 million.

I have no clue why they didn’t decide to postpone the announcement until this additional capital was secured either.

Says Voisin:

“We are delighted with the positive response to Tactilize, both from our users and investors. A $1 million investment round completed within just a few weeks of our launch supports our belief that Tactilize is an industry changing ‘disrupter’.”

That remains to be seen, but it’s worth a shot.

➤ Tactilize for iPad (iTunes link)


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