Surface tablet’s Touch Cover splits at seam, users gripe

Some folks are now complaining that the Touch Cover peels loose at the edge near where it connects magnetically to Microsoft’s tablet.

Microsoft’s Surface Touch Cover could be suffering from a defect, according to several users.

Folks over at the Surface Forums are complaining that the Touch Cover splits at a seam near to where it magnetically connects to Microsoft’s Surface slate. One user in that forum, “Br1an_g,” said that the cover “in the middle at the join to the screen is peeling,” adding that it appears the “top layer has come loose and is ruffling up.” Other users confirmed they were experiencing similar issues.

According to the Guardian, which was first to report on the issue, Matthew Baxter-Reynolds, a Windows developer, has also complained of the problem.

Microsoft appears to be willing to address the problem. People in the Surface forums have said that they have contacted Microsoft about the issue and are being given a replacement cover. Whether those new covers will suffer the same fate, however, remains to be seen.

Microsoft’s Surface slate launched in late October. That customers are already seeing some issues with the Touch Cover, which works as a stand, screen protector, and keyboard, is troublesome. However, just because there are some folks who are experiencing issues and telling others about it in forums, it doesn’t mean that it’s a widespread problem.

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