Stats don’t lie? Surface single most popular Windows 8 device

Microsoft’s tablet is the most popular Windows 8 device — at least according to numbers cited by a Windows ad-serving business.

Microsoft Surface RT tablet (L) and coming Surface Windows 8 Pro.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is the most popular single Windows 8/RT device, according to ad-based statistics.

“Surface is already the most popular single device running Windows 8/RT with 11 percent of the overall ‘market,'” according to AdDuplex, a Windows ad-serving business.

While hard numbers for Microsoft’s tablet are still a mystery, analysts have indicated that sales at Microsoft stores were relatively strong, at least initially.

And online, the $499 model was sold out for about a week.

Earlier this week, however, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer seemed to temper sales expectationswhen he said that Microsoft’s strategy for sales has been “modest,” which referred to the limited sales channel for the device. Surface is only sold at a few dozen Microsoft stores and on Microsoft’s online store.

Looking at other devices, the Hewlett-Packard Pavilion g6 laptop was a distant second with 2 percent, though other HP laptop models showed up in the data, giving it a total of about five percent of the models that registered on the chart, according to the AdDuplex’s numbers.

And HP was the largest brand among Windows 8/RT devices, with 17 percent. Microsoft was second with 11 percent (cited above), Dell was third with 10 percent, and Acer fourth with 9 percent.

And Windows Phone devices? Nokia’s Lumia 710 was No. 1 with 22 percent. Other Lumia phones, like the Lumia 800, took the largest chunk of the remaining share.

The Windows Phone 7.10 operating system dominated with 96 percent, while the just-announced Windows Phone 8 had four percent.

[Via Neowin ]

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