Sprint offering Total Equipment insurance for iPhone on January 25th

After opting not to offer its Total Equipment Protection (TEP) service to iPhone customers, Sprint appears to have turned over a new leaf. An anonymous tipster has shared an internal screenshot with us noting that starting on January 25th, the carrier will start allowing its iPhone users to select TEP as an equipment insurance option. Similar to its policy with AppleCare+, Sprint will give customers 30 days from the date of purchase to add TEP to their account at a monthly charge of $11. However, unlike Apple’s in-house coverage plan, Total Equipment Protection claims come with hefty deductibles ranging from $150 – $200, instead of a one time upfront charge. So, if you were looking to pick up an iPhone from Sprint and AppleCare+ wasn’t exactly ringing your bell — you’ll soon have an additional insurance option in less than a fortnight.

[Thanks, anonymous]

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