Sprint announces FM radio and Entertain Me app bundle for future smartphones

Sprint is hedging a bet that FM radio isn’t dead. Today, the Now Network revealed that certain Android and Windows Phone devices will debut this year with support for terrestrial radio stations. The move is a differentiator for Sprint, which is the first US carrier to make such an initiative. As it stands, we’re told to expect these smartphones to include the NextRadio tuner app.

Not to stop there, Sprint has also revealed an application bundle known as Entertain Me, which will be located in the Sprint Zone on Android devices. Here, users can access Sprint TV and Movies, Sprint Music Plus, Spotify, Slacker, iHeartRadio, Shazam and Rumpus. It’s currently unclear whether each of these apps will come pre-installed, or whether we’ll find the ability to download the titles individually. Naturally, we’re hopeful for the latter — no matter how good an app is, it’s always nice to have a choice. More details follow after the break.

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