Sony has stopped selling its Xperia Tablet S after finding defects in the devices.

Sony scraps sales of Xperia tablet.Defects have been found in the Xperia Tablet S, forcing Sony to stop sales a month after launch.

According to Reuters, sales were halted after gaps were discovered between the screen and case, making some of the tablets susceptible to water damage.

A Sony spokeswoman told Reuters that the hardware issues have been traced back to a “manufacturing flaw” at the Chinese plant where the tablet is made.

Sony has not decided when sales of the tablet will resume, the news service said.

The technology giant’s latest tablet offering — which shares its Xperia branding with Sony’s smartphone line — was launched September 7. The Android tablet was first sold in the U.S., closely followed by launches in Japan and Europe.

Sony has shipped about 100,000 Xperia tablets so far, with the slates selling for approximately $400. The Xperia Tablet S found issues with its Wi-Fi capabilities and the screen tending to flicker intermittently. However, the device has a sharp screen, has the potential for storage expansion, and can act as a universal remote.

Customers who have already purchased one of the units are eligible for free maintenance and check-ups, and Sony will fix any problems with the devices.

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