Sky Broadband Sky Hub router claims to have best Wi-Fi range

Sky’s got a new broadband router, which it claims gives customers the best range of any major provider.

Dubbed the ‘Sky Hub’, this Internet-spewing box beats rivals when it comes to spreading signal over the furthest area — handy if you’re a fan of surfing the web from atop your neighbour’s roof, or watching Netflix while ensconced within your solid steel panic room.

Sky says its best-range verdict comes via third-party research that compared its own toy with the likes of BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media in a home environment.

I’ve asked Sky for more information on what exactly would make its router more capable than those of rival services, and I’ll let you know if I hear anything. I’ve also contacted BT for a response.

The router itself is a monolithic block, and sports four 100mb Ethernet ports for wiring in gadgets that need a cabled Internet connection.

The bad news is that getting your hands on this box isn’t cheap. You can get it free if you join or switch to Sky Broadband from 18th October, but existing customers will need to fork out £39.

That price is only for a limited period, after which the cost jumps up to £69. You’ll also need to pay £2.18 for delivery.

At that price you could also consider getting something like the Netgear Wi-Fi Booster, which you can plug into the wall in rooms or parts of the house that don’t get great wireless signal, and can currently be snapped up for £35 at Maplin.

How’s the Wi-Fi in your domicile? Can you download apps at the bottom of the garden, or do you browse hunched over your router?

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