SiliconDust announces two new HDHomeRun network tuners with transcoding, DLNA DMP beta firmware available soon

SiloconDust let us kown that it would be the first to certify a live TV tuner as a DLNA Digital Media Server, easily enabling premium cable TV to more devices with its existing HDHomeRun Prime network CableCARD tuner. A beta firmware of that software will be available next week for existing customers. The rub, though, is that you’ll need a DLNA Digital Media Player (or Rederer) that supports MPEG2, and that just isn’t as common as you might think — as well as DTCP-IP support for copy protected content. In comes two new network tuners, the HDHR4-US and the HDHR4-CC. Both offer hardware transcoding for “digital-to-digital conversion of high-bandwidth MPEG2 streams to bandwidth-friendly H.264.” The primary difference between the two new quad tuner boxes is one has a CableCARD slot for premium TV, and the other is for clear QAM or ATSC — there is also a third unit, HDHR4-DT2, for Europe and Australia. The number of DLNA Digital Media Players (DMP) that support H.264 is far more vast and the codec is far more efficient. This basically means you’ll have access to your favorite live content on more devices and in more places, and use less bandwidth while enjoying it. These new ones should be available starting in “mid-2013” with no mention of price in the releases below. But with the HDHR3-CC retailing for $199, we’d suspect the new quad tuner versions with transcode, will come just a bit above that.

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