See the light through Iron Man, Mario stained glass

Tony Stark himself may be the target buyer for a wonderfully elaborate Iron Man stained glass window, and it will only set him back $4,500.

This Iron Man is a little more fragile than the real thing.

(Credit: MartianGlassWorks)

Stained glass is usually associated with Sunday mornings, proper attitudes, and at least a hint of guilt.

If you happen to worship at the altar of Marvel, though, Etsy seller MartianGlassWorks has the perfect accessory for your alternative cathedral: a 47-inch tall Iron Man stained glass window — just one of a collection of brilliantly rendered, geeky glass creations.

The Iron Man window, which apparently took over 100 hours to construct, uses 334 pieces of glass in 11 different colors. It will set you back $4,500 to possess this artistic wonder, but that’s much less than an actual, working Iron Man suit.

If gaming is more your thing, then you can turn to an $800 depiction of Mario that measures nearly 3 feet tall. Warhammer fans will find a couple of different stained glass options. Your geeky buddies will kneel in awe before your stained glass symbol of the God Emperor and his Space Marines.

Valve lovers can drop $500 on a Half Life logo. And no Etsy geek collection is complete without a little Zelda action. A lovely Hylian shield will only set you back $400. A small investment will get you one of the classiest game rooms on the planet.

What’s most surprising about all this is how well these images translate to stained glass. Chalk a good chunk of that up to the skill of the artist and give some credit to the comic book and game designers who created them in the first place.

Mario looks pretty thrilled to be a stained glass window.

(Credit: MartianGlassWorks)


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  1. Dawn Snowden
    Dawn Snowden October 30, 2012 at 12:53 am

    My Middle son Andy is an iron man fan to the enth degree. He spotted this Stained glass exquisite creation and joking said he wanted it for xmas.
    He made himself into Iron man two halloweens in a row, painstakingly creating the costume from cardboard and colored duct-tape. It was very impressive. Too bad the price of the stain glass creation is out of my reach.
    But it is very impressive.

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