Samsung’s ‘Godiva’ phone appears on blurrycam with Verizon branding, no physical keyboard

After riding into town on Snapdragon S4 benchmarks, we’ve now got some pictures of Samsung’s incoming smartphone, one that’s bound for Verizon. If you liked the curves and capacitive button quartet of the Stratosphere II, you’ll probably be happy with what’s on offer here too. Specifications have been cranked up to a 720p display, Android 4.1.2 (confirmed on-screen after the break) and NFC support within the back cover, although the physical keyboard hasn’t made it into this model — another death knell for the slider. We’re still waiting on an official name from Verizon, likely something to do with clouds or the sky, but suspect the official word shouldn’t be far off.

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Samsung's 'Godiva' phone appears on blurrycam with Verizon branding, no keyboard

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