Samsung Galaxy S3 available for Cricket customers on November 23

This holiday season Cricket Communication is giving you another reason to celebrate. In an official announcement, Cricket has confirmed the launch of its second 4G LTE smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. We all know about the cool features of the S3, which is quite contrasting from Cricket’s first 4G device, the LG Optimus Regard. The popular S3 will be available for $549.99 outright, and with monthly plans starting from $50 from November 23.

The more exciting part is that it is available on Cricket’s new 4G LTE Android Double Data service plans for a limited time, that will offer double the data allowance the company usually offers in Cricket’s 3G plans. The plans will be in the denominations of $50, $60 and $70 per month. The $50 4G LTE plan gets you a juicy 2GB of full-speed data, the $60 plan offers 5GB of full-speed data, while the $70 plan gets the customers 10GB of full-speed data.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 model has been available for quite some time on other carriers, but now is a great chance to own the device for Cricket’s customers. Be ready to get your S3 on November 23!

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