Quick fixes for Wi-Fi connection issues on the LG Optimus G

Noticing that Wi-Fi networks you add on your device are mysteriously disconnecting or disappearing? Try these tips for staying connected.

Are you the new owner of an LG Optimus G on AT&T? Now that you’ve taken your toy home, it’s time to hook it up to Wi-Fi and start customizing. But wait, the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting randomly when you enter the information for your home network. Or worse, it won’t even let you save your home network to try reconnecting.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix that will let you stay connected and keep information for Wi-Fi networks of your choosing. Here’s how to fix it:

First you’ll want to open the app drawer on your device and look for AT&T Smart Wi-Fi. In the window that loads, disable the Wi-Fi by tapping on the button under the Wi-Fi signal bars.

Note: If you’re thinking to yourself, “How did this app get activated to begin with?” it’s highly possible that it was enabled the first time you turned the device on. There’s also a chance that a sales representative may have turned it on for your “convenience.”

You’ll probably see a warning like the one above.

If you’re still experiencing disconnection issues after this point, go back to the home screen and then open the Settings menu. From here, tap on Wi-Fi and make sure the box next to Auto connect is not checked.

Now you should be able to fill in your favorite Wi-Fi spots, have your device remember the information, and stay connected.

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