Pioneer doubles down on MixTrax for new car stereos

The MixTrax software is able to automatically generating continuous music mixes from your media library and its built into every new Pioneer stereo.

At the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Pioneer announced all new lines of CD and DVD/multimedia receivers. The changes for this new generation were sweeping, encompassing nearly every product Pioneer makes; subtle, consisting mostly of moderate upgrades; and significant.

Starting with the 6.1-inch AVH-X1500DVD ($300), MixTrax compatibility comes to Pioneer’s line of DVD/multimedia receivers. MixTrax is Pioneer’s automated DJ and playlist software that analyzes your music library and creates custom mixes that playback while you drive and compatibility with those mixes and control over how they’re played back is now baked into every Pioneer receiver with an “X” in its model number–as in AVH-X1500DVD. The AVH-X2500BT ($350) adds Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming to the mix and the AVH-X3500BHS ($400) further adds HD Radio tuning and compatibility with the latest generation SiriusXM SXV200V1 tuner. The 7-inch AVH-X4500BT ($450) and AVH-X5500BHS ($500) offer the same upgrades, but with larger 7-inch screens.

All of Pioneer’s multimedia receivers in this new line will feature the Advanced App Mode for iOS, which basically rolls a first-generation AppRadio into the receiver’s firmware. The unit is compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S models. Pioneer is still working out the issues caused by the iPhone 5‘s new Lightning connector’s lack of a video output. Android app compatibility continues to be an AppRadio 2 exclusive feature.

Pioneer DEH-X8500BSPioneer’s naming convention is simple. X is for MixTrax, B or BT is for Bluetooth, and S designates SiriusXM readiness. Other units may also have an H for HD Radio tuning.

Further down the line, in the world of Pioneer’s premium single-DIN CD receivers, a similar product reshuffling is taking place. All of the new receivers announced feature compatibility with MixTrax, starting with the DEH-X7500S ($150) which also boasts SiriusXM readiness as indicated by the S at the end of it model number. Next, the DEH-X8500BS ($190) adds Bluetooth to the feature set. The DEH-X7500HD ($170) and DEH-X8500BH ($210) mirror the previous two models, but exchange their XM Ready status for internal HD Radio tuners. At the top of the line, the DEH-X9500BHS ($260) offers it all, along with an improved monochromatic screen. All of the new premium CD receivers feature improved illumination, Pandora Radio compatibility, and a USB port that will read an iPhone, iPod, or portable storage device full of MP3s.

Pioneer/Five:Axis Scion FR-SThe 2012 line of Pioneer audio components was showcased in a new Scion FR-S designed by Five:Axis.

In addition to the new receivers, Pioneer also showcased a new line of external amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers that feature better performance and updated styling. Expect the new generation of Pioneer products at your local 12-volt shop in November 2012.

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