Peeved? Apple will exchange your 3rd-gen iPad for the newer model

Customers who purchased a third-generation iPad within the last 30 days might be able to exchange their device for a newer model at select Apple stores.

Just got a third-gen iPad? Apple might be willing to exchange it.

In an unexpected move, Apple refreshed its 10-inch iPad today, leaving many third-generation iPad owners groaning at a suddenly subpar device.

Apple customers like Roger Cheng have (until now) slept soundly knowing that any Apple product purchased is the “latest and greatest” for at least one year. Today, Apple killed that notion.

Considering the fourth-generation iPad offers relatively incremental upgrades, not all iPad owners will be peeved. However, if you know you’ll lose sleep over the iPad you purchased less than one month ago, you’re in luck.

After reading this tip from Twitter user @TubbyEmu, I did a little sleuthing.

One more thing! As @karynelevy points out, the iPad 3 is just POOF gone. You now choose between iPad 4th gen and iPad 2. 

@sharonvak @karynelevy Apple Care rep confirmed to me iPads bought within the last month can be exchanged for the new one!

The manager at the Stockton Street store in San Francisco explained that “this specific store” would allow purchasers of the third-generation iPad to exchange their device for the fourth-generation iPad if purchased within the last 30 days. She emphasized that, unless the recently purchased iPad showed serious signs of wear-and-tear, the usual 14-day return policy would be waived.

“And what about other stores?” You’ll have to call and find out. She explained, “We can’t speak to other stores’ policies — this is something our store has decided to do.”

So, give your local Apple Store a call to find out — and don’t be afraid to let them know you’re aware at least one store is waiving its policy.

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