Nokia in talks to produce 10-inch Windows RT slate — report

The company’s tablet could come with Qualcomm’s S4 processor and would be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early next year.

Nokia is considering jumping into the tablet fray with a Surface RT alternative, a new report claims.

The mobile company is in talks with Qualcomm and Microsoft to begin development of a 10-inch Windows RT-based tablet, Digitimes reported yesterday, citing supply chain sources who claim to have knowledge of the discussions. The company plans to show off the tablet at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early next year.

If the Nokia tablet launches, it would come with a 10-inch display, Digitimes’ sources say. In addition, the computer would run Qualcomm’s S4 processor and Nokia would order 200,000 units in the first run to see how things go.

According to Digitimes’ sources, Nokia was previously considering launching a Windows RT-based tablet, but decided against it until it could see how Microsoft’s Surface worked out.

Reports of Nokia preparing a Windows 8 tablet first cropped up in March, when the company was reportedly readying a dual-core slate it would launch in the fourth quarter at the earliest. Just a few days later, a Nokia employee said that he was spending one-third of his time working on a tablet, but declined to provide any more details on that device.

Since then, Nokia has remained tight-lipped on any tablet plans it might have.

(Via Engadget)

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