Nintendo premieres new Wii U commercial in the U.K.

The commercial shows off the way in which the GamePad interacts with the console, as well as some of the games coming to the hardware.

(Credit: Nintendo )

Nintendo last night unveiled its first Wii U television commercial for the U.K.

The commercial, which aired during the country’s “Homeland” show, takes a somewhat comical look at the console while trying to educate users on Nintendo’s hardware.

The commercial first demonstrates how the GamePad controller can be used to extend gameplay by letting users virtually throw items to the television screen and see more of the surroundings. Nintendo was also quick to highlight that users will be able to continue playing games on the 6.2-inch-LCD-equipped device, allowing someone else in the house to watch television.

All in all, the commercial doesn’t break too much new ground. For months now, we’ve been seeing the ways in which the Wii U’s GamePad can extend gameplay. And save for a few game clips towards the end, the one-minute commercial did little to highlight third-party games.

Interestingly, Nintendo also didn’t show off the company’s traditional controller, the Wii U Pro Controller. Many so-called “core” gamers looking for more sophisticated gameplay are arguably most excited about that feature.

Still, the commercial did a fine job of highlighting the Wii U’s finer points, as well as those features casual gamers might like. As the Wii’s success has shown, casual gamers who want simpler titles or party games have been buoying Nintendo for years. They might play a crucial role in the Wii U’s success, as well.

Nintendo’s Wii U is launching on November 18. A Basic set featuring the console and GamePad will retail for $299.99. The Deluxe set, which adds a charging station, stand, and Nintendo Land video game, will cost $349.99.

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