Nexus 7 explodes, lands user free Google Glass

One tablet user’s bad luck turned out to be fortunate in the long run, according to a post on a Chinese forum.

This Android had a meltdown.

(Credit: Baidu)

The Nexus 7 has been one of the smokin’ hot tablets of 2012, and unfortunately for one user in China, that was literally the case.

A Nexus 7 well done. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Baidu)

The user posted the photo above to a forum on Baidu (China’s home-grown answer to Google), claiming that the device began smoking while plugged in and charging on its original factory charger. In the process, the guts of the tablet seem to have been totally torched.

To me — and likely anyone else who has had the experience of ruining an electrically powered product thanks to the wildly unpredictable and sometimes surging electrical grids of other countries — this sounds like an infrastructure fail. However, we have seen enough reports of malfunctioning, overheating, and even smoking device batteries to make this story plausible.

And if this anonymous user’s story is to believed (let’s be very clear — there’s no way to confirm it), Asus seems to think it’s a plausible enough story. So much so it has reportedly offered to not only replace theNexus 7, but also hook the user up with a free set of Google Glass.

This part of the story seems a little hard to swallow to me, but if it’s true, I imagine Google doesn’t want word to get out, lest we all start torching our Nexus tablets in the hope of scoring our own pair of Google specs.

(Via Phandroid)

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