New iPhone, iPad, and ‘iTV’ slated for first half of 2013?

A site in China claims to have spoken with industry sources who say that the “iPhone 5S” will be available in the first half of 2013.

Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Apple’s product line could be getting a major makeover early next year, a new report claims.

The company plans to launch a new iPhone, iPad, and “iTV” device by the middle of next year,China Times, a news outlet based in the country is reporting today, citing unidentified industry sources. The new iPhone will be called the “iPhone 5S,” according to the outlet’s sources.

Apple has used the “S” at the end of its most recent iPhone updates. The iPhone 3GS, like the iPhone 4S, came with the same design as their predecessors, but delivered better internal components that increased speed and performance. It’s possible Apple might be following the same strategy with the iPhone 5.

China Times didn’t say what “iTV” might be, but we’ve heard rumblings before with the name being used. In some cases, the iTV moniker is used to identify a possible television Apple is working on. In other cases, the iTV points to an updated Apple TV set-top box. That device, according to some reports, could act as a DVR and accommodate cable programming.

For their part, China Times’ industry sources haven’t said much about the devices that Apple is reportedly working on. However, the publication claims that the iPad maker has sent samples to regulators to obtain certification and start mass-producing the iPhone 5S.

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