Movea gesture control coming to Orange’s Livebox Play TV system, launches next month

In a bid to spruce up its hardware, European mobile operator Orange has drafted inMovea to bring gesture controls to its new set-top box. Running the SmartMotion server, movements will be picked up by Movea’s MEMS motion-sensing remote, with gestures for volume control, web browsing and even gamepad and joystick commands. The new Livebox Play will pick up ten “contextually aware” movements, with a ‘check’ gesture aimed to avoid the frustration at selecting items on a distant screen, while there’s also a close function embedded into the TV remote. Alongside gestures, the LiveBox Play service will offer the obligatory internet, social network and VOD bells and whistles, as well as access to games and apps on your big screen. Sick of buttons? The device is available on pre-order (for now, in France) and launches next month — we’ve embedded a quick demo of the remote’s precision after the break as a quick refresher.

SOURCE: Livebox Play (Orange France)

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