Microsoft will let you reserve a Surface tablet, says report

Microsoft’s retail stores are reportedly doling out reservation passes for the new Surface RT tablets, so buyers can be assured of getting one on the October 26 launch date.

Looking for the new Surface tablet? You may be able to reserve one at your local Microsoft store.

A forum user of blog site WPCentral reportedly picked up a reservation pass at a Microsoft Store in Oregon. As displayed by WPCentral, the pass indicates that a Surface RT tablet has been reserved for the customer.

The only requirement is that the person must reach the Microsoft Store before 12 p.m. on October 26, the day the tablet goes on sale. At that point, “your Surface will be ready for you to purchase.”

The Microsoft store employee had a stack of possibly 150 to 200 passes, according to the forum user, who said that his pass was numbered 002, a possible sign that the reservation program had just kicked off.

Using such a reservation system, scoring the entry-level Surface RT tablet at your closest store may be a better option than snaring one online.

The $499 32GB version without a Touch Cover shows a ship date of three weeks on Microsoft’s order page. But the $599 32GB and $699 64GB models, both with the Touch Cover included, indicate a delivery date by October 26.

Buyers who pick the $499 edition but want a Touch Cover will have to shell out an extra $120 for one. Opting instead for the more tactile-feel Type Cover keyboard would cost you an extra $130.

Of course, Microsoft stores aren’t quite storming the country just yet, so your closest one may be a few hundred miles away. The Microsoft Store Web site currently lists 23 stores across just 14 states.

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