Makerbot’s Apps Portal will help you prototype that (plastic) fusion reactor



So, you’ve printed tiny 3D statues of yourself, your friends, your family and rover/fluffy. Now what? If you’d like to prototype your wacky ideas but don’t have a clue how to start,Makerbot’s new Apps Portal may help. There are eight apps in total like Zotebook, which allows inexperienced users to rapidly prototype ideas on a mobile device; Robot Factory for Makerbot, a mobile, retro-robot design app for kids; and Makers Empire, an educational app to help kids learn the basics of 3D printing. All are designed to work with various Makerbot printers like the Replicator and Replicator Mini. You can hit the portal here to grab them — that PLA robot isn’t going to print itself (yet).


SOURCE: Makerbot


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