Make Your Own iPhone Dock

Ah, Fridays. There is little better than a little good humor on the last day of work. To that end, the hard-at-it TNW staff has found a lovely guide on Reddit that is more than relevant to our coverage of technology.

Given that a huge percentage of y’all are iPhone users, we suspect that a goodly number of you have recently purchased an iPhone 5. That means a new connecting cable, and port. This could very well mean that your trusted and still functioning iPhone dock that you overpaid for some years back no longer works.

Don’t worry, Reddit user MarcTschudi has us all covered. His original guide – which you can find here – is quite witty. We’ll leave the jokes to him, and just show you the nuts and bolts in this post. For more general humor, the thread on Reddit is worth reading.

Now, to work!

Procure box with Macbook Pro inside – this can either be your machine, or just a box that has one.

Next, snag one of those lovely little corner protectors. If I recall properly, Macbook Air boxes also contain these doodads:

Now, poke a hole in that cardboard and thread your cable up through it:

Finally, laugh at your friends that are out at the local Apple store, credit card in hand:

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