LG 55-inch OLED TV available for pre-order in Korea this week, ready to ship next month

If you spent the entirety of 2012 with 11 million won ($10,000 US) in your savings account and begging LG to take it, we’d wager that you were hoping that the Korean manufacturer’s 55-inch WRGB OLED HDTV — announced at last year’s CES — would make its way to your doorstep in a reasonable amount of time. Whether or not you feel that one revolution of the Earth around the Sun can be called reasonable, LG will begin taking pre-orders for the breathtaking screen in Korea on Thursday (January 3rd) and will ship the first batch to early adopters next month. There’s still no word on when we can expect to see one in other parts of the world, but this — as well as its stamp of approval by the FCC — is a good sign that the wait may soon be over. Check out the full press release after the break.


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