Kensington wants you to be very afraid of losing your iPhone, buy its $60 Proximo system

A mobile phone is lost or stolen every 3.5 seconds, warns Kensington, handily quoting data from 2011. The company’s solution is simple: a low-power wireless fob that stays in your pocket and sounds the alarm if you move too far away from your iPhone 5 or 4S. The idea has been around for a while, of course, and it’s proving popular elsewhere at CES right now, but the $60 Proximo Starter Kit — now available for pre-order — adds a couple more components. As well as the fob, you also get a tag that can be attached to other valuables and an iOS app that allows the monitoring of up to four further tags (priced at $25 each) simultaneously. Each fob and tag lasts up to six months thanks to low-power Bluetooth 4.0, and the CR2032 battery should be easy enough to switch out. Calm your separation anxiety further with the press release after the break.


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