Keeping score at Microsoft (graphic)

Windows chief Steve Sinofsky is out and the rumor mill’s buzzing with speculation about what’s next for CEO Steve Ballmer and Microsoft. Here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you stay on top of the story.

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Tech-news addicts slightly bored during the interregnum between the early fall’s product announcement blitz and the start of the fourth-quarter shopping lollapalooza should give thanks to Microsoft for livening things up. The sudden resignation of Windows chief Steven Sinofsky and subsequent corporate reshuffle has triggered an outpouring of “whither Microsoft” speculation about who’s up, who’s down, and whether Steve Ballmer will still be CEO at the same time next year. Much will depend on how the company’s big bets on Windows 8 and Surface fare. But if there are changes ahead, Microsoft is blessed with a deep bench. So given the latest news, we worked up a cheat sheet — really, more of a snapshot — of how things look for the time being from the top of the corporate pyramid.

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