Jawbone launches updated Up fitness gadget

Refreshed and re-tweaked, the Jawbone Up activity tracker is stronger and more capable.

The new Jawbone Up

(Credit: Jawbone)

Today Jawbone unveiled a new and revamped version of its Up fitness solution. Priced at $129.99 available now for preorder, the Up says Jawbone has been significantly rebuilt from the inside out for increased strength and greater functionality.

Jawbone first launched the Up last year but was forced to suspend sales of the device due to unforeseen technical problems. Apparently some users of the product, designed to be worn around the wrist to track activity and exercise, experienced glitches or failures due to wear and tear.

Jawbone told  that it has invested a sizable amount of resources to remedy these issues and is more committed than ever to the vision of a truly 24/7 wearable computer. In fact the company decided that all the existing standards for durability used by product designers and marketers today are inadequate to evaluate the Up since it is meant to be worn around the clock.

As a result, Jawbone created its own internal rugged standard more grueling than say the international IP67 or even MIL-STD-810 created by the U.S. military. This new Up, according to Jawbone, sports stronger and more flexible circuitry and wiring plus is better resistant to detergents and other impurities along with high water temperature. So those of you who accidentally shower with your Up , that shouldn’t be a problem.

But what does the Jawbone Up do? In addition to tracking the steps you take like a traditional pedometer, the device logs sleep length and quality automatically. Jawbone will also offer an Up app, sadly for iOS only for now, which lets users log food eaten and their current mood. The Up can also vibrate to nudge you into getting an extra dose of activity if it feels you’re getting lazy. Jawbone also says it will provide a wealth of data analysis tools to sift through your fitness stats via the Up app.

The Jawbone UP will ship in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and eight colors (Onyx, Mint Green, Light Grey, Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Hunter Green) nationwide through retailers such as Best Buy, Apple, and cellular carrier AT&T.


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