Instagram users upload 250,000 election-related photos

Citizens shared the majority of their photos immediately after the president’s victory was projected.

Instagram users showed off their voting activities on Election Day, uploading more than 250,000 election-related photos and immediately posting a slew of photos after hearing of the president’s victory, the photo-sharing network posted today.

In the U.S., users tagged more than 100,000 photos with #IVoted and 150,000 photos with #election2012, Instagram reported, with the largest surge of photos coming in right after news outlets projected President Barack Obama’s win. At that moment, the number of Instagram photos uploaded each second was at 2.1 times the normal rate.

Clearly, these Americans are not shy about sharing their dedication to civic duty visually, a reflection of Instagram’s growing popularity among citizens.

“The intimacy and immediacy of the Instagram experience has fostered new and meaningful connections across the globe, whether it’s looking through the lens of a family member across town, or a favorite candidate barnstorming across the nation,” Instagram’s blog post reads. “We love watching people share photos in new and interesting ways, and we’re excited about the potential Instagram has to bring us all closer together.”

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