HP to make Android tablets, report says

It already offers a Windows 8 tablet; now Hewlett-Packard is diving into the crowded market for Android tablets, according to a report.

Remember the WebOS-based HP TouchPad? This time HP will adopt Android. The company already has a Windows 8 tablet.

(Credit: Hewlett-Packard)

Hewlett-Packard is doing an Android tablet too, according to a report from ReadWrite.

HP’s first Android tablet will be a “high-end” affair based on Nvidia’s upcoming Tegra 4 chip, according to the blog.

“It could be announced soon,” the report said.

This would come about two years after HP’s WebOS tablet debacle. In August of 2011, the company terminated its TouchPad only a month and a half after the device’s introduction.

It also ended plans for a WebOS-based phone at that time.

HP had also been slated to make a Windows RT tablet based on the same kinds of chips found in Android devices but canceled that project.

HP currently offers the Windows 8-based ElitePad 900 tablet and a Windows 8 hybrid tablet-laptop: the Envy x2.

An Nvidia Tegra 4-based Android tablet would likely be one of the faster Android devices on the market — if HP comes out with it soon. The Tegra 4 is one of the first quad-core chips based on ARM’s new Cortex-A15 design.

HP is also exploring an Android phone, though this is less of certainty at this point, the report said.

HP is not a complete stranger to Google operating systems. It’s selling a Chromebook for $330 based on an Intel chip.

HP declined to comment.

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