How to disable face tags on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 support face tags in the Gallery app. If you’re not keen on using face tags, you can disable it so the yellow boxes stop displaying over the faces of your subjects.

If you don’t use face tags, the yellow tag boxes can be distracting when viewing your photos.

Face tags on the Samsung Galaxy S3 andNote 2 are neat features of the Gallery app. When you take photos of people, the app places yellow boxes over their faces, then allows you to tag them by tapping on the yellow boxes. However, if you’re not interested in using face tags, the yellow boxes can be distracting when viewing your photos. Disabling face tags prevents the yellow boxes from appearing. Here’s how to disable them:

Step 1: Launch the Gallery app and select a photo to view.

Step 2: Tap the Menu key and select “Face Tag.”

Face tag menu

Step 3: Tap on the “Off” selection.

Turn face tag off
That’s it. Now your photos will display without the yellow face tag boxes.
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