HashPlug Chrome Add-On Brings Real-Time Search Back To Google

Miss real-time search on Google? Try the HashPlug extension for Chrome.

It’s been more than 16 months since Google shelved its ‘Realtime’ search product after its agreement with Twitter to carry the latter’s results expired.

If you miss the now-defunct functionality, you might be interested in giving the HashPlug Chrome extension a whirl. The extension adds a real-time search results widget right on Google’s search results page.

Results from Twitter search automatically refresh, too, and you can favorite, retweet or reply to tweets directly from within the frame.

us elections 2012 Google zoeken 144614 Miss real time search on Google? Try the HashPlug extension for Chrome

Needless to say, HashPlug can come in handy especially for searches related to breaking news or time-limited events such as the US elections.

And because the widget is not positioned in an intrusive way, HashPlug doesn’t get in the way of your normal search behaviour.

The extension was cooked up by Bangalore, India-based startup Fenopix.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

➤ HashPlug Chrome extension

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