Green Throttle Games sees a future without game consoles

With the OUYA set to bring Android to a game console in March 2013, Green Throttle Games is looking at things from a different perspective. Instead of a dedicated game machine, why not just use your existing device for gaming? Of course, their vision goes a little further than that.

The basic idea is that you can play games on your mobile device like you normally would. So far, nothing is different. Where it gets interesting is that when you get home, you plug your device into your television, pair it with one or more of Green Throttle Games’ Bluetooth controllers, and suddenly, your device has become a full fledged console.

Of course, for this to work, the games need to support it. That’s why Green Throttle Games is hard at work developing their own games, as well as making a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for other developers. The SDK makes it easy for third-party developers to design their own games that utilize the Green Throttle Games controllers.

To see their vision described in greater detail, check out the video below.

The controllers that Green Throttle Games provides will feature full analog control, allowing for a very game console-like experience from your device. Of course, this is assuming that the whole thing actually works well. A press release issued by the company claims that any Android device with a video out port will work, but we’re sure that there are some additional requirements.

The SDK has been made available to third-party developers as of today, so any developers interested can get started or at least take a look. There is no word on when consumers can expect to purchase the system from Green Throttle Games, but the company has said that more word on this will be available in the near future.

Whether or not this concept works, it is certainly an interesting idea. Only time will tell if Green Throttle Games is successful or not, but in the meantime it will be fun watching where this goes.

What do you think about your tablet replacing a dedicated game console? Is this a viable alternative for gamers, or has Green Throttle Games got it wrong?

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