Got Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S3 yet? Samsung shows off the goodies [video]

Hands up if you’re still waiting for Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S3. Samsung has just released a lovely two-part video showcasing the list of awesome improvements you can expect with version 4.1 of the Android platform. The version in the video is actually an LTE model available in Korea, but rest assured Jelly Bean is winging its way to you wherever you may be.

If you managed to miss the news on Jelly Bean here’s a quick run through of the improvement highlights that Samsung is touting. Check out the video for more.

  • Project Butter for faster and smoother performance
  • Widgets are easier to move
  • Notifications show you more info
  • Google Now is your digital butler
  • More accessibility features

I got the Jelly Bean on my S3 a couple of weeks ago. I’m with Everything Everywhere in the UK. It really does speed up transitions and you’ll notice apps loading up and general navigation is smoother and faster. The Notifications boost is the best thing – you can now read email content in the notifications bar so you don’t need to go into the email app unless it’s something important. Google Now is fun to play with, not sure how useful it really is, but then you need to give it some time to learn about you.

Samsung also runs through another list of slight improvements in this second video.

Are you still waiting for Jelly Bean? What’s the big hold up? Well, if you don’t have Jelly Bean on your S3 yet then it’s a safe bet that your carrier is to blame. Sadly many carriers still drag their heels when it comes to pushing out platform updates and there’s very little you can do about it. I know that some T-Mobile customers in the UK are still waiting (which is weird because they should be part of EE now).

If you’ve had your Jelly Bean update on your S3, or if you’re still waiting, then post a comment and tell us which carrier you are with and where you are. For those of you who got it, what do you think?

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