Google makes it easier to sync Gmail Contacts to iOS

Google has just announced new support for CardDAV, an open protocol for contacts which makes it easier for users to sync their Google Contacts with the iOS Contacts app, along with other third-party apps.

As the search giant notes, users can think of CardDAV along the same lines as IMAP for emails and CalDAV for calendars. This means that the overall Google Account syncing process is about to become much easier for iOS users — instead of having to deal with Exchange — opening the door for Google Contacts to expand as an easy way to share your contacts across apps.

Now that all of your Google Contacts can be easily synced directly with the iOS Contacts app, Google has yet again inched itself just a bit further into Apple’s ecosystem.

At this point, iDevice users can now sync their browser history and passwords with Chrome, their contacts with Google Contacts, their emails with Gmail, their schedules with Google Calendar and their Documents with Google Drive. Google succeeds if iOS users are still Google users, and even with Maps and YouTube gone from default status, Google is unquestionably winning this game.

If you’re an iOS user and want to sync your Google Contacts, visit the link below:

➤ CardDAV Instructions
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