Google+ gets new reporting features, lets users report offensive stuff more easily

The increasing popularity of Google’s social network means that the Google+ house is more crowded than ever. To maintain order in the playground and to keep the community “safe and secure”, the search engine titan has introduced some welcomed security measures.

The new features were announced by Google’s Pavni Diwanji on – you guessed it – her Plus page.

Building on the network’s comment moderation system, Google takes it a step further by letting you report any comments, posts and photos that reek of spam, porn, hateful sentiment, harassment and even copyright infringement straight to the big G. Likewise, if you come across a fake profile or one that you suspect has been hacked or compromised — you can also notify Google so that further action can be taken.

If you’re being harassed by someone during a public Hangout, don’t just take it sitting down, seeing that you can now report the perpetrator to Google.  The system will automatically record the session, after first notifying the room, so that the clip can be analyzed by the team. In the meantime, you can quickly block the person.

The new reporting system is meant to help Google deal with the misbehavior “more quickly” and to “prevent abuse from happening again”. Ultimately, Google Plus members can interact in a safer environment.

Have you had an unpleasant experience on Google Plus before? How effective do you think the new security measures are?

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