Google and Verizon strike a deal to use each other’s patents


Google has been forging patent deals left and right with smartphone manufacturers to both get technology and fend off lawsuits, and now it’s taking a similar approach with American carriers. The search firm has reached a deal with Verizon that gives both sides access to patents covering a “broad range of products.” Neither side is saying what those products are, but they’re clear that this is a hedge against patent trolls — they’ll have more ammunition the next time someone files a lawsuit over some dodgy intellectual property claims.

There’s a good chance that the agreement revolves around the two companies’ strong points in mobile. Google could better resist lawsuits over wireless technology in Android, while Verizon would have more protection against software-related gripes. You may not see any visible effects from this partnership, but it could make sure that phones like theDroid Turbo stay on store shelves.


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