Google Actually Considered Sending Felix Baumgartner To Space With Google Glass

According to a conversation on Twitter between Danny Sullivan and a member of YouTube the staff, Google considered sending Felix Baumgartner to space for his jump with a pair of Google Glass. That would have been awesome…again.

Can you imagine seeing what Felix’s eyes were seeing as he was falling? And then, you know…answering questions on Google+ Hangouts and checking your tweets by winking your eye or something. Maybe next time, Red Bull? There will be a next time, right?

Sill think it would have been cool if Google had given@RedBullStratos a pair of those Google Glass eyeglasses to wear

@dannysullivan @RedBullStratos we discussed it but other factors prevented that from being safely deployed.

Not only would it have been a great use of Google Glass, but it would have given us a perspective that only Felix himself would ever see.

Watch live. Over 8 million viewers watched the stream on YouTube. What a hell of a Google+ Hangout, eh?

If you want, you can make your own until they’re widely available:

UPDATE: The jump has been made and it was successful. Felix is safe and world records have been broken. Now excuse me, I need to buy and drink a Red Bull or 9.


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