Get Windows 8 for Dummies: Pocket Edition e-book for free

This 147-page guide might help take some of the mystery out of Windows 8 — like why there’s no Start button in Desktop mode.

I’ve made no secret of mylack of excessive fondness for Windows 8. I think unless you’re getting it on a tablet or smartphone, the OS is best avoided.

That said, plenty of users have no doubt taken advantage of Microsoft’s upgrade offer, and plenty more will end up with Windows 8 on their next desktop or laptop. And I think it’s a safe bet that most of those users will need some help learning to navigate, operate, and, ultimately, tolerate 8.

To that end, Dell is offering a free copy of “Windows 8 for Dummies: Dell Pocket Edition” in e-book form. All you do is complete a short form and bam, you’ve got a universally compatible PDF.

Actually, if you’d rather skip the form, you can download the book straight from publisher Wiley. (That said, Dell is giving away something of value here, so the fair thing is to give them the bits of marketing info they’re asking for.)

This 147-page guide covers everything from the new Start screen to the traditional desktop to my favorite chapter of all: “10 Things You’ll Hate About Windows 8 (and How to Fix Them).” And, of course, it’s written in that friendly, conversational “Dummies” style.

Even if you don’t have Windows 8 now, chances are good you’lltake advantage of it somewhere down the road. So grab this handy e-book and keep it for when thatjoyful day arrives.

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