First Tim Cook TV interview to air same day as Samsung hearing

A rare interview with Apple’s chief executive will air the same day the company heads back to court with rival Samsung.

NBC’s Brian Williams chatting with Apple CEO Tim Cook in New York as part of an interview that will air next week.

(Credit: Ronnie Polidoro/NBC)

Apple CEO Tim Cook will make his first TV appearance the same day his company could find out if it’s getting a bevvy Samsung’s smartphones permanently banned in the U.S.

Cook was interviewed earlier today at the company’s Grand Central Terminal store by NBC’s Brian Williams as part of a package that will air next Thursday, NBC announced today.

Photos of the interview were leaked out earlier by media tracking blog TV Newser, showing a casually dressed Cook chatting with Williams while holding Apple’s products.

Cook has not done a TV appearance since taking on the role as the company’s CEO last August, however he’s done a handful of onstage interviews at financial and technology conferences.

Next week, Apple and Samsung plan to hash out some of the remaining details in the aftermath of a jury verdict that favored Apple and saddled Samsung with a damages bill of $1.05 billion. Since then Apple has created a list of devices it wants to permanently ban from sale in the U.S., while Samsung is vying for a re-trial, claiming that there was misconduct by the jury. Those issues will be discussed at Thursday’s hearing, which could run into Friday.

Here’s the teaser, where Williams notes that he spent the day with Cook, who didn’t even get noticed while walking around:


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