Facebook will auto-enhance your photos, if you use an iPhone


Look, Facebook kind of has to be good at this whole photo-filter thing. Like, come on: It owns Instagram, of all things. As it happens, you can already use various filters to tweak your photos from the Facebook app before you upload them to the site. Now, though, Zuckerberg & co. are taking things one step further, by automatically enhancing your pics without you having to play around with any adjustment sliders. If that feature sounds familiar, it’s because, well it is: Google+ has been doing this for about a year and a half. As on G+ too, if you find all this automagic to be too overbearing, you can still manually tweak shots, or even revert to the original. For now, the feature is exclusive to the iOS app, though it will soon make its way over to Android as well, according toTechCrunch. If you do happen to own an iDevice, though, enjoy the time savings (or you know, the overzealous photo-meddling — depends how you look at it).


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