Echofon Twitter client makes journey from iPhone to Android

Naan Studio has uploaded Echofon, its Twitter app, to Google Play. After running a public beta program of about two weeks the company has decided that the app is ready for the big time. As well as its simple and clean Twitter interface, the app boasts the ability to sync between all your Echofon apps on Android or iOS. This means that if you have a tablet and a phone, you never need read a Tweet, @Mention or Direct Message twice. Cool!

Specific to Android, Echofon includes a widget that allows you to access the most common Twitter features straight from the home screen. And for Jelly Bean users, you can retweet and reply directly from the notifications panel!

As a Twitter client the app is feature rich and along with the obligatory Twitter functionality like tweet, retweet, direct message, @mention and lists, it supports the use of multiple Twitter accounts (something I find very useful), displays threaded conversations so you can keep track of who said what, shows photos previews in your Twitter timeline and has a couple of themes (light or dark) to boot.

There are more features planned for the app including mute, gap detection and custom notification sounds. Naan Studio have release Echofon for Android as part of its plan to concentrate on mobile devices. In October the company announced that it will begin phasing out its Echofon desktop products for Mac, Windows and Firefox.

Are you an Echofon user on iOS? Are you glad to see it on Android? Have you tried it? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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