eBay announces site redesign, Pinterest-like discovery feed

Today in New York at its “Future of Shopping” event, eBay has announced the rollout of a redesigned site, featuring a very familiar yet cleaner look across search, product and checkout pages. Most importantly, however, is the tease of eBay’s new Pinterest-like feed, which hopes to merge discovery and search together, a la the well-known masonry layout.

The new Feed is rolling out in the US over the next 100 days, but you can activate it out now by visiting Users of this feature can make their own feeds and follow other feeds. If that doesn’t sound suspiciously like a Pinterest Board, then I don’t know what does.

The site redesign is live, but certain aspects, including the new product pages, are not available. More noteworthy site improvements include the 1 page checkout process and a clearer visual hierarchy, enabling quicker purchases.

Additionally, eBay Now, the experimental service that connects customers with local partners like Walgreens and delivers goods to them within the hour, has officially arrived in the iTunes store and is now available in NY and San Francisco. Get the app here.

The once quirky 1.0 hub of used and rare goods is moving into a very different and much more consistent direction. With more than 25M sellers of mostly new products that feature free shipping, the auction site is looking more an more like Amazon — without the warehouses.

Only yesterday, eBay CEO John Donahoe spoke at the Boxworks conference in San Francisco, talking up the impact his company has made in defining e-commerce. Now, it appears the new battle for eBay is all about mobile, and following its recent branding refresh and logo redesign, today’s announcement is the next step.

Here’s some stats for you to put this all into perspective: we already knew that eBay’s mobile app has been downloaded more than 100 million times, leading to millions of dollars in mobile-based revenues. Additionally, according to Donahoe, eBay has as many as 400 employees working on mobile solutions right now.

From eBay President Devin Wenig, on eBay’s logo redesign:

Our refreshed logo is rooted in our proud history and reflects a dynamic future. Shopping anytime, anywhere? This is the new eBay.

Donahoe also previously explained an interesting use-case for eBay — in which users are going to retail stores and walking out having made a purchase decision, but not within that store. Customers are apparently starting to use mobile devices to search online for the same item they’re looking at, determining cost, and making the purchase right there. eBay wants to intercept these transactions and encourage this behavior.

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