Dropbox reaches 100 million users, still going full speed ahead

A new announcement from Dropbox today has confirmed that the company has just reached a user base of 100 million users.

This milestone was undoubtedly achieved thanks to all the initiatives the company has taken over the past year. Since the introduction of Google Drive, Dropbox has stepped up its game in order to keep mobile users on their services. An example is offering free storage space to users who buy certain Android devices, while also increasing storage for those who choose to pay for the service.

Drew Houston, one of the company’s founders, seems to be unphased by the other tech giants’ cloud solutions. “We’re out front. We’re already out there and building smaller features and things. All those other companies have turf to protect, and they’re fighting a battle on a totally different front,” says Houston.

To celebrate this milestone, Dropbox will be collecting stories from users on how useful the service is. The company will then select 100 users and give each of them 10GB of free storage.

It’s hard to believe that there is still a space in the ecosystem for a cloud service that isn’t linked to a major company. When you think about it, why would someone choose Dropbox over Google’s, Microsoft’s, or Apple’s services? The answer is customer loyalty. Some people have been using Dropbox for years, and it offers a service that is on par with the major companies. So why switch from a service you’ve invested so much data into?

In fact, Dropbox has proven just how resilient it can be when if suffered a security breach that resulted in some spam messages being sent to it’s users. Since that incident, Dropbox has stepped up its security and Houston claims that users are in fact using the service more often than less.

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