Droid DNA: first impressions and event recap online

Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA was presented last night to a crowd  of journalists and tech bloggers anxious to behold the first US smartphone with a full HD display.

With an achievement that evokes its past glory days, HTC tries to position itself at the front of the smartphone race once again, at a time when the Taiwanese company is in dire need to be perceived as a technological leader.

But critics say that 1080p on a 5-inch screen is simply overkill. Do we actually need such sharp displays, or are manufacturers improving resolution just for the sake of it?

Our Kris Wouk attended the Verizon/HTC event and he came back with his initial impressions of the Droid DNA.

What do you make of the Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA? Will you get one? International readers, are you excited at the prospect of the HTC DLX, the supposed global version of the DNA?

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