Dell joins the parade of Windows 8 systems

The computer maker is announcing that the bulk of its PC lineup will be available with Windows 8, centered on existing systems like the XPS 13 ultrabook and the XPS One 27.

Dell is joining the ranks of PC companies making system announcements before the official October 26 release of Windows 8.

The following products are available for preorder today, according to Dell:

  • XPS 12 convertible — starting at $1,199.99
  • XPS One 27 with touch — starting at $1,599.99
  • Inspiron One 23 AIO with touch — starting at $779.99
  • XPS 13 ultrabook — starting at $999.99

Dell is also offering Windows 8 as an option on its current XPS, Inspiron, Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision brands — which covers virtually all the company’s major product brands.

The XPS 12 convertible (image above) can be used as both a clamshell laptop and tablet by flipping the screen.

And the XPS 13 ultrabook has been updated with new specs, including an Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

The Dell XPS ultrabook 13 now comes with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

(Credit: Dell )

Dell follows Lenovo, Acer, and Sony, which have already announced pricing and availability of Windows 8 systems, though Dell’s announcement today is more centered on existing systems like the XPS 13 ultrabook and the XPS One 27.

Lenovo’s Windows 8 rollout, for example, was heavily weighted toward convertibles and tablets expressly designed for Windows 8.

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